The partner of the Christian EastEnders actress Sian Blake admits killing her and their two children, his lawyer has said. More

A plot by Islamic extremists to kill the Christian boxer Manny Pacquiao has been foiled, the Filipino president says. More

Rome's iconic tourist spot the Trevi Fountain will run red on Friday to represent the blood of Christian martyrs. More

The Bishop of Durham has praised the Daily Mail for coming out in favour of taking in 3000 unaccompanied... More

The American Vice President Joe Biden has been granted an audience with Pope Francis. More

Italian police have arrested four people suspected of plotting an attack on the Vatican in Rome.  More

Voters in Northern Ireland are being warned not to support candidates in favour of liberalising abortion... More

In the fifth of Premier's exclusive interviews with the London Mayoral candidates we hear from Peter... More

The remains of the medieval church where William Wallace is thought to have been made Guardian of Scotland... More

A former Bishop of Liverpool will provide a report to the British government describing the ordeals the... More

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