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Christian group launches Girls Manifesto

Tue 08 Mar 2016
By Hannah Tooley

A Christian youth leader has told Premier that gender justice is an issue for men and women. 

Claire Rush from the Girl's Brigade has been speaking on International Women's Day as she launches the UK Girl Manifesto.

It aims to start a conversation about girls, faith and culture in the UK and Claire told Premier that she hopes it will prompt questions and facilitate discussion in churches and organisations about the need to intentionally invest in girls and women.

She told Premier that gender justice is not a feminist issue or a women's issue but a Gospel issue.

"When we look at Jesus' example he was radical when it came to gender equality," she said. "We really need men who will champion girls and women, who are not intimidated by seeing girls use their gifts, seeing girls in leadership and actually the Church and the world will benefit when all members of society are able to fulfil God-given potential and all members of society are valued."

She said that there are too many reasons International Women's Day exists.

"Because I am a girl I'm more likely not to be educated - there's 66 million girls missing from schools around the world.

"Because I'm a girl I'm more likely to cry tears of sorrow rather than joy on my wedding day - over ten million girls are going to be forced into early marriage this year.

"This world limits, murders and coerces girls - 113-200 million women are simply missing from the face of the earth just because they are girls."

Her UK Girl Manifesto emerged from the UK Girl Gathering which took place on last year's International Day of the Girl.

It will address some searching questions and encourage men and boys to participate and support women and girls.

Listen to Hannah Tooley speak to Claire Rush here:

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