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CofE head says school is about memories, not grades

Mon 07 Mar 2016
By Hannah Tooley

A Church of England headteacher has said that primary school activities which "inspire" children and "build memories" must not be pushed out of timetables because of pressure to focus on league tables and grades.

Gill Davies, acting head of Barrington Church of England Primary School near Cambridge, has been speaking out against what she believes is an increasing focus on testing and progress levels.

Children take their first SATS test in Year 2 at primary school when they are six and seven years old.

They have SATS again in Year 6 and continue with GCSE examinations when they are in Year 9.



Gill Davies wrote in the Shepreth Church And Village Newsletter: "Primary school should be a time for enjoying learning and making memories.

"For most of us who left primary school more years ago than we care to admit, I can almost guarantee that most of our memories of that time are of either the special events of the times we got into trouble! I know mine certainly are.

"While I don't remember the daily maths lessons and English lessons, I do remember my school trips to the seaside, the zoo, the watermill and the Natural History Museum with great affection."

"With the pressure on primary schools today to focus on progress levels, testing and league tables it would be easy for those days that inspire children and build memories that last to be pushed out of the timetable but that would be wrong.

"Through school trips and special events we can bring the curriculum alive for children."

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