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Rise in church collection donations from mobile app

Thu 10 Mar 2016
By Antony Bushfield

There's been a "significant increase" in the number of people choosing to make their weekly donation to church through a mobile phone app rather than the collection plate.

The traditional method of giving is continuing alongside a new trend of people choosing to give cash online.

Gavin Courtney is the man behind ChurchApp which allows parishioners to use their smart phone to make donations.

He told Premier's News Hour: "What we found is more and more people don't really carry cash around with them and more and more people do have cards with them.

"Through ChurchApp church members are able to open up the app and choose to make a donation online using their card details."

There's been a 10% increase in the number of people using the app to donate over the past 12 months, he said.

"I doubt very much it'll lead to the end of the collection plate," he stressed. "Different demographics will carry cash on them and others won't."

Asked how some parishioners may feel if people got their phones out in church he agreed it may seem "a bit rude".

But he added: "More and more people are looking at Bible verses [on their smart phone] and I guess it comes down to personal taste".

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