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Stations of the Cross refugee photography goes on display

Tue 15 Mar 2016
By Hannah Tooley

A new artistic exhibition combining dramatic images of refugees with the journey of Jesus to the cross has gone on display in London.

The Stations is an artistic interpretation of the traditional stations of the cross, and features 14 images portraying Jesus' journey through stories of refugees in Calais, Lebanon and the UK.



Marksteen Adamson, the Creative director, told Premier about one of the most graphic images he photographed: "While I was in Lebanon, I came across a man - who's name I can't mention for obvious reasons - but he had been through persecution, torture and we had a conversation about this image that I had in my head about a stance of surrender.

"But using the hood in the way that a modern day execution would be carried out - and for him to be naked.

"Which I felt was important because Jesus was stripped and with a lot of imagery people shy away from actually showing that.

"He agreed to do it, we had to be very careful, it would not have been a good day to get arrested.

"We drove up into the mountains, found a derelict building, set it all up, did the shot, and got out of there as quickly as possible."

Marksteen Adamson


Marksteen Adamson said he was keen to make this more about real-life experiences: "There is a difference between reportage and art - what I really wanted to do was engage as deeply as I could in the time with individuals so that I could really understand their story, and then create an image and a picture, with their permission, that would represent that feeling that was going on."

The photos are a 21st century interpretation of the images which are often used for spiritual reflection during Holy Week.

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