What is your church doing on June 12th 2016? Tell us and put your church on the map today!


June 12th 2016 is a great opportunity to celebrate the life and service of HM The Queen on her official 90th birthday. It also provides an opportunity to thank everyone in our community who makes society a better place to be.

You can mark the day by simply offering prayers in your service or by holding special events for your community. Let us know what your church is doing here and we'll add you to our map of services taking place across the country. 


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Need some inspiration? Here are some ideas

Why not invite everyone in your community to celebrate ‘Society Sunday’? Here are some great ideas to get everyone involved:

  • Make Society Sunday the theme of your service or just include the special Society Sunday prayers
  • Play our Society Sunday video celebrating the Life of Faith of HM the Queen during your Sunday service
  • Share a meal with everyone after the service, a great opportunity to get to know others in your community
  • Plant a commemorative tree as a symbol of gratitude to those who with their dedication and love make our society a better place to live 
  • Release 90 balloons with the occasion of HM the Queen’s 90th Birthday and honour her life in faith and public service
  • Scones, cake, tea & coffee, afternoon tea is always a good idea!
  • Organise a street party - a great opportunity to invite new comers to your service and to get to know new people in your community!
  • Set up a picnic in your back garden or go to a close park, a great way for children and families to share time together with your congregation

We want to know about your plans for Society Sunday, click here and share with other churches your celebrations!  

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We are thrilled to announce that this year’s Society Sunday flagship service will be celebrated not only in London but also across the UK. More

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Did your church celebrate Society Sunday? On 14th June 2015 churches across the country took the opportunity to celebrate the role of faith in public life and pray for those in authority. More

Celebrate Society Sunday together

On the occasion of HM The Queen’s 90th birthday, acknowledge and celebrate her life of service by joining together as people of all faiths. Use the occasion to organise a social event inviting representatives from all across your community, to give thanks to each other for the good works that are happening in our society driven by faith.

Map of services across the country

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How are churches using Society Sunday?

We are excited that on 12th June we will be celebrating Society Sunday and our Queens birthday. After our church service our celebrations will continue with a picnic and BBQ and we plan to have a small steam train running in the church grounds, two bouncy castles, a photo booth - all of which will be free. We pray that God will help us in this as we seek to make greater connections with our community.

St Augustine’s Church, Ipswich