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Features Archive

Christmas with Premier

Premier Christian Radio will be celebrating Christmas with a host of special programming that captures the true meaning of the season, featuring carol concerts - both traditional and contemporary - and special editions of your favourite shows...

Join Pam Rhodes in the Holy Land

Join Pam Rhodes on a Saga Christian cruise around the majestic and historic Holy Land.

Easter in The Coptic Church

Find out more about The Coptic Orthodox Church's history and traditions this Easter.

Black Nativity

Find out more about this joyous Christmas musical, watch the trailer, and enter our competition to win a film goody pack!

The Papal Visit 2010

With Pope Benedict XVI's visit to England now only a memory, learn about what he did and hear Christian commentary on what his visit meant to the Church.

Africa United

Find out about the recently released film Africa United from Pathé Productions, following a group of three Rwandan children across the continent as they attempt to reach Johannesburg for the 2010 World Cup.

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Return to the magic and wonder of C.S. Lewis’ beloved world – via the fantastic Narnian ship, the Dawn Treader.

Prince Caspian

Walt Disney Pictures and Walden Media present The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. The characters of C.S. Lewis's timeless fantasy come to life once again in this newest installment of the "Chronicles of Narnia" series.

Gordon Brown

Gordon Brown spoke to Victoria Laurence about faith, the role he thinks Christianity has in our society, how Christians can engage with politics and what he's least proud of since becoming PM.

Tayo Adeyemi

We were saddened to hear that Dr Tayo Adeyemi passed away on 30 June. Read tributes to a remarkable man of God. 

The General Synod 2013

Listen live to all that is happening at The General Synod 2013.

Beyond the Norm - CD Release

Much-anticipated Gospel album Beyond the Norm is out on CD - listen to a taster track now.

How perseverance pays off

What lesson does Andy Murray's Grand Slam victory have for Christians?

Family Week

As National Family Week kicks off we take a look at ways that you can spend more time with your tribe.

Deborah Hollamby

Deborah Hollamby

We remember a woman who brought true joy wherever she went and leaves her family, friends, and us at Premier, incredibly saddened at her passing.

The Legacy of Margaret Thatcher

She divided opinion in this country and around the world, but what is the legacy that Baroness Thatcher leaves behind?


If you missed Premier's ENABLING Church conferences you can listen to all the talks here.

The Iron Lady

The Iron Lady

Revisit this highly-acclaimed biopic of the life of former UK Prime Minister, Maggie Thatcher, in the wake of her death. Watch the official trailer, and get free church resources.

The Butterfly Effect

Jesus House Church in north London bring you a 12-part series on how God has used them for good in the local community.

The Last Taboo

Find out more about the debate between Christian leaders who support a new approach to homosexuality, and those who defend the traditional view.

The Vatican Votes

Learn more about Pope Francis I, what he stands for and where he has come from.

Act F.A.S.T.

Learn to spot the four signs that someone may be suffering from a stroke - and save lives.

A-Z of mission

A-Z of Mission

"Easy as A, B, C" may be a catchy phrase, but most people don't think "easy" when it comes spreading the Gospel across the world. Premier has teamed up with three major mission agencies to show how anybody can get involved.

Welcome Welby

Justin Welby, the current Bishop of Durham, has been appointed as the new Archbishop of Canterbury.

Open Doors Charity of the Year

We are pleased to announce Open Doors as our Charity of the Year for 2013. Find out more about the work of this wonderful charity.

tearfund header


Find out more about Tearfund, Premier's new Charity Of The Year...

teen street teaser

Teen Street

Read how two thousand teens attended a cross-cultural gathering...

Ben Cerullo

Ben Cerullo comes form a long legacy of ministry. His Grandfather was Evangelist Morris Cerullo, his father David is also an evangelist and now it’s Ben’s turn. Watch his testimony here and how he came to launch Ben Cerullo Ministries.

Right to Believe in the Arab World

Will you join with thousands of other believers to pray with Christians in the Arab world? Letting them know they're not alone?

Breakfast in Israel

The modern state of Israel is 60 years old this year. Premier's "Inspirational Breakfast" show was invited by the Israel Government Tourist Office in London to go out to the Holy Land to reflect on life in Israel at 60. So...John Pantry and Cindy Kent duly packed their bags.

Year of Faith

The Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI announced that the Catholic Church will celebrate a Year of Faith from 11 October 2012 - 24 November 2013.

Protecting Innocence Online

One in three 10-year-olds have stumbled upon and viewed pornography online. One in three. That’s not a problem; it’s an epidemic. Find out more...

Premier Special Reports

The Premier Reports news team bring you the latest in their special bulletins, including radio and TV interviews...

The Abortion Debate

Find out more about the current debate on lowering the UK abortion time limit.

Bishop John Francis

Celebrating 25 years in ministry

It's been 25 years since Bishop John Francis launched Ruach Ministries. Find out more about the amazing things that have happened over the years and watch a special celebratory programme.

Declaration for Life

Declaration for Life

The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill is making its way from the House of Lords to the House of Commons in the next few weeks. This complex Bill could have serious ethical and moral implications for our nation.

The Atheist Prayer Experiment

Justin Brierley - presenter of Premier's faith discussion show Unbelievable? invited atheists to take part in the Atheist Prayer Experiment.

Britain Burning

Did you feel terrified at the violent riots and lootings that spread across the country this August? Find out more and how you can pray for Britain's youth to move forward.

Could You Be An Organ Donor?

Every year around 10,000 people wait for life saving transplant operations and yet 1000 of those will die because a suitable donor can’t be found.

Church votes against women bishops

Hear from different Christian voices on what the vote against women bishops means for the future of the Church of England.

Bowel Cancer

Find out more about how to easily detect the first signs of bowel cancer...

Gram Seed

Gram Seed

He was on the edge of death following a life of drugs, drink, jail and crime. Then God stepped in. Listen to the testimony of Graham ("Gram")Seed as told live to Premier Listeners.

John Stott

John Stott

John Stott was one of the world's foremost evangelical leaders of the 20th Century, has died on 27 July 2011. He was 90.

The Egyptian Revolution

What has been happening among the Christians in Egypt since the riots and political upheaval broke out? Premier's Political Editor examines the situation in this online series.

First Grader

An exciting new film, with resources for you & your church!

Sport and Spirituality

Do faith and football mix? Is there spirituality in sport? Find out more about some of the influential athletes getting involved in the summer of sports.

The Diamond Jubilee

There are a host of ways for you to celebrate and get involved in the Queen's Diamond Jubilee this year...

A special message from Peter Kerridge

A special message from Peter Kerridge...

Film and Entertainment

We bring you the latest in faith-themed film trailers, competitions, concerts, and theatre productions.

Premier Gospel Choir

Want to find out which talented singers are now part of our exciting new Premier Gospel Choir?...

Supporting the Family

With the demise of the nuclear family in British society, our focus at Premier is to bring lasting hope to the family with the Good News of Jesus...

Green Pastures

Homelessness is not a lifestyle choice and everyone is vulnerable. Find out more how we can help as Christians...

Shane Lynch

Society can't seem to get enough of celebrity gossip. Every week we eagerly watch their fashion mistakes, dodgy diets and who’s dating who. But this celebrity has a story to tell. Shane Lynch, of boy band Boyzone, tells how when trying to fill his emptiness and getting into the occult, God flipped his life upside down…

malaria no more

Think Malaria is a disease that has been mostly solved? Think again. Find out how to help make Malaria No More today.

Premier iPhone Applications

Introducing an exciting way to encourage you in your Christian walk - Premier Christian Radio's Prayer Beads App for the iPhone.

Premier at the Olympics

The time came. The world was watching. But what did London 2012 mean for Christians in this country?

Fancy helping raise funds for Premier with no hassle and without spending an extra penny? Find out how to Give as you Live...

Climate Change

Climate Change

We can't avoid the issue of climate change. The Media is full of debate on the matter. Scientific studies now broadly agree that change is taking place and that it is adversely affecting the world's poorest nations right now.

Haiti: One Year On

Premier has been exploring how Haiti is faring, now over a year on from the earthquake that devastated the country and took so many lives...

National Adoption Week

November 5th - 12th 2012 is National Adoption Week. Across the UK there are thousands of children looking for a loving home. We want to encourage you to consider if you could provide it and find out more about adoption.

Sam goes to Brazil

23-year-old Sam Reynolds has a heart for Brazil. For the next few months he will be working alongside the charity Happy Child rescuing street and 'at risk' children in Belo Horizonte. Find out how he's getting on, read his blog and listen to his stint on Premier Radio.

Open Doors

Find out more about how Open Doors are striving for Christians' 'Right to Believe'.

Medic Assist International

MAI Campaign

Please help Medic Assist International care for HIV/Aids victims in Embo, Kwa Zulu Natal. It is estimated that six of every ten inhabitants are sufferng from the disease. Find out how you can get involved and make a difference today.

Premier Awards

At Premier we’ve been dedicated to bringing you the best in radio programming for over 15 years.  During that time some of our presenters have been recognised by the industry for their great work. Check out some of their award-winning programmes here!

Youth Bibles for China

Youth Bibles for China

You did it! Over 16,000 youth bibles will be sent to China thanks to Premier listeners. It is an amazing result but It's still not too late to donate to the Open Doors campaign and support the youth of the nation.

God of the Empty Space

Find out what Premier Presenter John Pantry has been up to in his spare time...

Mind and Soul Videos

Bringing you key video teaching material on mental health and emotional well-being.

Israel Tour

Premier Christian Radio invites you to journey across Israel "In the Footsteps of Jesus" Holy Land Tour 2009. Bring your friends and meet new friends from among the family of Premier listeners on this special tour.

Love London

2009 saw the birth of Love London, a four year initiative of Premier Christian Radio aimed at encouraging and resourcing the Church to work together like never before.

Persecution in the West?

Every day millions of Christians around the world are persecuted for their faith. To Christians in the UK this is difficult to comprehend. But is intolerance of the Christian faith slowly creeping in to British life?

The Secret Life of Bees

“The Secret Life of Bees” is a moving film of forgiveness and redemption. Set in the years of the Civil Rights Movement in the United States, this film is about what happens to the human heart when love is let in and pain is let out.

God in the Economy

A crumbling economy, the most severe banking crisis since The Great Depression and the worst levels of unemployment since 1997 face the UK today. Everyone is thrashing around wondering what's happening and where to hide the savings. How can Christians be any different?

Little Town of Bethlehem

EGM Films invites you to participate in Global Voices of Non-violence, a 12 day global conversation that kicked off on the U.N. International Day of Peace on September 21st.

The Way

Martin Sheen, plays Tom, an American doctor who comes to St. Jean Pied de Port, France to collect the remains of his adult son, killed in the Pyrenees in a storm while walking The Camino de Santiago, also known as The Way of Saint James.

Narnia Dawn Treader

It's finally here! The latest big screen adaptation of C.S Lewis' classic Christian allegorical series 'The Chronicles of Narnia: The Dawn Treader'

Mal Fletcher Comments

Read what Mal Fletcher, Christian author, social commentator, broadcaster and speaker has to say about issues affecting Christians today. This week, Mal takes an indepth look at Credit Crunches, Greed & Discontentment.

St Paul’s Cathedral

St Pauls Seeking Truth

This series by St Paul’s Cathedral brings together leading scientists, philosophers and theologians to explore some of the big questions of the science vs religion debate.

Johnny Parks

The Johnny Parks Band combines sing-a-long melodies, genre-pushing creativity and raw passion as they seek to break the silence endemic in today's culture.Watch our interview and get your FREE download of the song Brand New Day here.

World Vision

Give the gift of hope by sponsoring a child with World Vision. Have a real and personal connection with your sponsored child and see how you can make a difference to the lives of some of the world's poorest children today.

A Case for God and Christianity

Why have the overwhelming majority of human societies believed in the existence of God? Why do rational people in a modern civilisation subscribe to the belief that God, the Creator of everything, took human nature in Jesus Christ?

Church Consultation on Violent Crime

More than 20 young people were killed through gun and knife crime in London in 2007. But whilst London has born the brunt of the majority of these incidents, the scourge of violent crime is in no way confined to the capital. It's of national concern.

International Week Celebrations

Christian Union

Do you long to see Christ's Church united, regardless of divisions in language, geography and denomination?

Church Army

Church Army

Church Army is a society of evangelists linked to the Anglican Church but working outside church buildings to enable people to come to a living faith in Jesus Christ. Check out how lives are being transformed and communities impacted.