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Unbelievable with Justin Brierly

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Saturdays 2.30pm

The Unbelievable? Video Playlist

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Saturdays 2:30 pm to 4:00 pm

Each Saturday, in the award-winning programme Unbelievable, Justin Brierley asks questions like:

Can Christianity live up to the claims it makes?

Can we trust the Bible?

Why should I believe in Jesus over anything else?

Justin tackles these and other issues, on a show that gets Christians and non-believers talking to each other.

Contact the show

Contact "Unbelievable"
Email unbelievable@premier.org.uk
Voicemail 08456 52 52 52 (option 5)

Listen On Demand


On Demand

The latest programme available On Demand:

See below for a full archive of programmes.


Richard Dawkins debates Old Testament morality
Richard Dawkins Richard Dawkins with Rabbi Josh Levy & Chris Sinkinson Click here to listen.

Rob Bell debates God, Salvation & Homosexuality
Rob Bell Rob Bell & Andrew Wilson Click here to listen.

The Mark Driscoll Interview
Mark Driscoll Mark & Grace Driscoll & Justin Brierley Click here to listen.

What Did St Paul really say about Justification?
Wright & White NT Wright & James White debate Click here to listen.

Did Jesus Exist?
Carrier&Goodacre Richard Carrier vs Mark Goodacre Click here to listen.

Does Christianity make emotional sense?
Spufford&Pullman Francis Spufford & Philip Pullman Click here to listen.

Comedy & Christianity
Comedy & Christianity Marcus Brigstocke & David Robertson Click here to listen.

Jehovahs Witnesses dialogue
King & Brown Robert King & Tony Brown Click here to listen.

Atheist convert to Catholicism
Libresco & Mehta Leah Libresco & Hemant Mehta Click here to listen.

Do we live in an old or young earth?
Old/young earth
Hugh Ross & Ken Samples vs Andy Macintsoh & Stephen Lloyd Click here to listen.

A Universe from Nothing?
Krauss & Holder Lawrence Krauss & Rodney Holder Click here to listen.

Should atheists be more religious?
de Botton & Orr Alain de Botton & James Orr Click here to listen.

Miracles today: do they happen?
Keener & Lillis Craig Keener & Geoff Lillis Click here to listen.

Demons: Do they exist?
demons John Tancock, Will Van Der Hart & Jonathan Clatworthy Click here to listen.