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Since our inception in 1995 Premier has been creating inspirational radio and magazine content that delivers the message of the Gospel directly into your home. Over the years, the way media is consumed has changed and Premier has been at the forefront of this digital revolution.

Today’s Premier’s family includes an array of websites, podcasts, online-videos and live events that bring together worship, teaching, music and prayer, combined with debate, life stories and up-to-the-minute news to bring faith right into the heart of daily life.

When faith fuels your life, you live with confidence and hope, shining for Christ in your community.

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The story of Premier

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“Premier gives me faith to withstand the pressures of normal life today. We need something to remind us of the spirit of God and Christian radio does just that.”


The Impact of Premier across the UK and beyond

Read some of the real life testimonies and inspiring stories of communities and lives being transformed by hope.

Discover how Premier shares the teachings of the Christian gospel across the UK and beyond and brings Christianity to the heart of daily life.

Get the support you need to fill your day with hope with our free resources.

Discover how Premier uses it platforms to draw attention to the real world issues that effect Christians in today’s world.

Why is your support so crucial to the work of Premier’s ministry?

Did you know that 64% of our funding comes from gifts, donations and legacies?

Premier is a supporter enabled charity, we need Christians across the UK to stand with us in this God-given mission and every pound received by this ministry is used to expand our reach through all our outputs.

With your support Premier makes a real difference to the lives of over 2.2 million people every month on their spiritual journey, and reach out to those who need to hear the life-saving message of Jesus.

Thank you for sharing our passion to make Jesus known through the work we do, the tens of thousands of stories of lives changed are testimony to the difference we are making day in day out.

“I started to see that God was using Premier to impact my life, and I wanted to give back. It’s so important to keep this ministry going… for our growth and for God to keep moving in other people’s lives.”


Listeners every week

Premier Christian Radio, Premier Praise or Premier Gospel the home of inspiring Christian broadcasting!


Magazines a year

Premier Christianity and Woman Alive magazine share a Christian voice of hope in the UK and beyond!


Inspirational emails a month

From encouraging devotionals to thought-provoking pieces on Christianity and culture, faith-enriching resources!