Loyal listeners

Premier Christian Radio reaches a substantial and growing audience and is a trusted media by the Christian community. Our audience is uniquely loyal, involved and responsive. With over 18 years of experience Premier has a proven track record running effective campaigns by using a consultative, multi-media approach.

Our Listeners


  • Trust Premier Christian Radio
  • Are a large, highly loyal and growing audience
  • Represent the highest percentage ABC1s of any UK radio station
  • Are highly responsive
  • Spend an average 13 hours a week tuning in

To the Christian community, Premier Radio is a lifeline. It informs, comforts, uplifts and supports.

I am a regular listener to Premier Radio and have found great comfort, information and encouragement through the station over the years. I must emphasise that as a Christian, there aren’t many resources available to encourage my faith and entertain me in a positive way.- Listener, London

 Important Facts

  • Premier Radio has more listener hours than all the other Christian TV and radio stations combined
  • Premier Radio has more listeners per year than all Christian press readership combined


Contact Us


Call 020 7316 1300 and ask for a member of the Premier Advertising Sales Team. We will be happy to give you all the help you need. You can also email sales@premier.org.uk