Diocese of Oxford

Anglican bishop claims second referendum on Brexit would 'make things worse'

Mon 19 Nov 2018
By Marcus Jones

The Bishop of Oxford has suggested the so called 'People's Vote', the term given to a second Brexit referendum, would deepen divisions in the country.

Speaking to Premier in the House of Lords, where he is representing the Church of England this week, Dr Steven Croft said the UK needs to get behind the "process of negotiation".


On the idea of a referendum, he said: "My own view is that it would make things worse and it would open up the more fundamental questions again."

"The process of negotiation, which the Prime Minister is leading, is to try and find the right way of reconfiguring our relationship [with the EU] - that's something the whole nation can coalesce around."

"It's an immensely challenging task and I pray for her daily in it."

Last month, hundreds of thousands took to the streets of London to call for a second referendum.

The bishop was speaking as the Prime Minister continues her campaign to win support for her Brexit plan.

Speaking to business leaders in London, Theresa May said she's secured a deal that will work for the UK - and no-one should be in any doubt she's "determined to deliver it."



It's still unclear whether she will face a leadership challenge.

It's unknown whether the number of MPs who are calling for a vote of no confidence in her has reached the needed 48.

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