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Church investigating after vicar 'filmed snorting drugs'

Mon 19 Feb 2018
By Alex Williams

The Church of England is said to be investigating after a newspaper published a video appearing to show a vicar from East London taking cocaine and watching explicit videos.

In a video released by the Sun on Sunday, the footage also apparently showed Rev Stennett Kirby talking about buying poppers from a shop in Soho.

Purchasing poppers - a liquid which induced a head-rush high - is not a crime.


Hazy footage apparently showed the 64-year-old sitting on his sofa, saying "I feel really good now" after reportedly taking cocaine.

It's alleged the video also shows Rev Kirby, who has been a vicar of West Ham Parish Church since 2007, watching pornography with a friend.

The Church of England told the Sun on Sunday it was investigating the footage, while a spokeswoman told the newspaper: "We take this matter very seriously."

Rev Kirby, who is unmarried, has reportedly been placed on sick leave.

A spokesman for the Church of England said: "We are taking this matter very seriously.

"Revd Stennett Kirby has withdrawn from all ministerial duties and a disciplinary investigation is already under way."

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