Holy Trinity Church, Bengeo, Hertford

Church's appeal for organist leaves them inundated with offers

Thu 20 Sep 2018
By Cara Bentley

A vicar has handed out kazoos to the congregation in a video plea for someone to be the church's organ player, the video has been seen 114,000 times. 

Rev Robert, the vicar of Holy Trinity Church in Bengeo in Hertfordfordshire, posted the video on Facebook, asking for musicians to consider joining his church so the members don't have to play kazoos instead.

In the video, the pastor holds up signs, explaining that their current organ player, Jennifer, is retiring after playing there for 50 years. It also shows the congregation all playing 'Jerusalem' on kazoos as he makes uncomfortable facial expressions.

The signs say: "There aren't many organists around these days. So...I need your help. I need to find an organist. Before we resort to kazoos"

The congregation are then filmed all playing in the Sunday service, as Rev Robert holds a sign saying: "Yep. Not good. Help me find an organist. #Nokazoos."

When contacted, the church said they have been overwhelmed by interest from around the world and that they've "been lucky to have been approached by some interested organists/musicians".

They say anyone interested in organ playing should look up local churches, local organists and the Royal College of Organists.