SPAC Nation

Crack cocaine and knives surrendered during London church service

Wed 17 Apr 2019
By Alex Williams

Class A drugs and three "massive" knives were among a haul of items handed over at a Pentecostal church in London at the weekend.

Heroin, crack cocaine and five blades were surrendered at SPAC Nation by a "newcomer" following an altar call on Sunday, leaders said.

Senior pastor, Tobi Adegboyega said: "Our determination to clean the streets is stronger than ever before and the items handed in are a testament to that."


The knives and illicit substances are being passed on to police, according to SPAC Nation - which holds a weapon and drug amnesty every week.

Some 113 people gave their lives to Jesus when the altar call was made. SPAC Nation says 1,000 people regularly attend its weekly service.


Mr Adegboyega continued: "Each time we take in such items, it means one less person who will go to jail or end up dead.
"It is up to us as a community to do what we can to save these young people.


"SPAC Nation as a church and a force in the community has a dogged determination and a passion for young people to clean up the streets and give young people hope for their future.

"We will keep on doing this one knife pickup at a time."

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