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God should decide when my sick baby dies, Pentecostal Christian tells judge

Wed 24 Jan 2018
By Alex Williams

The mother of a brain-damaged eleven-month-old boy has told a High Court judge that God should decide when her baby dies, not doctors.

Isaiah Haastrup (pictured below with his auntie, Dahlia Thomas) is at the centre of a legal battle between his parents and specialists who disagree over whether further intensive care treatment should be given.

His mother, Takesha Thomas told the private trial on Tuesday: "I am a Pentecostal Christian.


"For me, I don't think it is right to say who should live or who should die."

"If God wants to take the person, He will."

Experts at King's College Hospital in London says extending Isaiah's treatment would be "futile, burdensome and not in his best interests".

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Doctor told Mr Justice MacDonald at the family division of the High Court that the infant suffered catastrophic brain damage when he was deprived of oxygen at birth.

The judge also heard that Isaiah has been living in a state of low-level consciousness, is unresponsive to stimulation and cannot breathe independently.

Takesha Thomas and Isaiah's father, Lanre Haastrup, both aged 36 and from London (pictured at the top of the article), want their child's treatment to continue.

Miss Thomas claimed that Isaiah responded to her, saying: "When I speak to him I call his name. I say, 'Isaiah, it's mummy'. He will always give me a response to me by opening one eye."

"I see a child who is injured. He needs love. He needs care. I have it. I can give it.

The hearing is due to end on Wednesday.

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