Vigil to be held four weeks after Grenfell Tower fire

Wed 12 Jul 2017
By Eno Adeogun

Survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire will mark four weeks since the disaster with a vigil on Wednesday evening.

Mourners will gather round a wall of hand-written tributes on Bramley Road - which sprung up shortly after the fire - in the shadow of the burnt-out building.

It's expected thousands of people including residents will be in attendance.

One of the many churches in the area that continues to offer support is the Notting Hill Methodist Church which is only 300 yards from Grenfell Tower.

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Porcia Thaxter, a member of the church and a local resident told Premier about the community's mood following the tragedy.

During News Hour she said: "You walk around, you see people just staring into space. All you have to do is just give them a hug because they're still waiting for answers, thinking, wishing, hoping and they all need comfort -the survivors and neighbours."

Meanwhile, specialist teams are still searching the building for victims' remains - which could take months, according to the sergeant leading the operation.



Sergeant Alistair Hutchins said they're doing all they can for the families.

He said: "I feel passionate about getting those people back to their loved ones. I understand how frustrating it is for people outside of this environment to sit there and wait and say 'well why can't I have my family back? Surely its easy'?, and it's not."

Twitter users have been posting on Twitter to share the details of the vigil.

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Speaking earlier today, Metropolitan Police Commander Stuart Cundy said: "As we all reflect upon what happened my thoughts, and those of all of us in the Met, are with those who lost their loved ones, their homes and a community that is in mourning.

"Four weeks ago a terrible tragedy unfolded within Grenfell Tower.

"The human cost of that tragedy is something we are all still trying to fully comprehend.

"For many people the events of that night will remain with them forever.

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"Each and every one of us involved from the Met is determined to do all we can to return those who died to their families as soon as we can."

"Today, we remember all those who have been so deeply affected."

The vigil is the first of several commemorations expected as the one-month anniversary approaches.

Listen to Porcia Thaxter, a local resident speaking with Premier Eno Adeogun:

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