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A Premier Lecture With Lord Alton Of Liverpool

As part of Premier’s ongoing commitment to bring world respected speakers to a wide audience, Lord Alton Of Liverpool delivered an inspiring lecture on Friday 17th June at the Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral.


‘A Battle of Beliefs – a Matter of Life and Death’

Lord Alton spoke about the erosion of the Judeo-Christian beliefs that have been central to our identity, arguing that “you can’t remove the foundations from under the house and expect it to stay standing”. He said “freedom of conscience is the bone marrow of a free democratic society and , alas, the day where we can no longer live and act on the basis of our beliefs and values.” He also spoke about religious persecution overseas, including the genocidal acts of Daesh in Syria and Iraq. He concluded by insisting that “we must always forgive but remember; forgive but act in solidarity with those who suffer”.

Lord Alton’s bio

Lord David Alton of Liverpool, KCSG, KCMCO (born 15 March 1951) was MP for two Liverpool constituencies between 1979 and 1997 when he was appointed Professor of Citizenship at Liverpool John Moores University, establishing the Foundation for Citizenship and the Roscoe Lectures. These have included lectures by the 14th Dalai Lama and Prince Charles.

He is a robust defender of religious liberty and has campaigned vigorously for the people of North Korea and for the victims of genocide in Syria and Iraq. He has published twelve books. He and his wife Elizabeth have four children.

Click play below to listen to Lord Alton's lecture:


Click here to download (right click 'save link as') Lord Alton's talk ‘A Battle of Beliefs - a Matter of Life and Death’.

Over the last 5 years, the Premier Lecture has been given by a number of significant and well respected Christian speakers. To listen to past lectures click Here

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