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Archbishop of York: There's no conflict between science and religion

Thu 08 Feb 2018
By Eno Adeogun

The Archbishop of York has refuted claims that there is any conflict between science and religion.

The Most Rev John Sentamu, was asked in a Q and A on his website if science and religion work in harmony with each other.


He answered: "It is an accident of history that set up this apparent conflict between science and religion. Science seeks to understand how God has established the Created Order and this is something which has always fascinated Christians and non-Christian's alike.

"Indeed down the years the Church has been at the forefront of science. It is sometimes said that science looks at how life happens whereas religion looks at why life happens.

"Every human being however has a longing to know both the how and the why and if we begin to think that we can take one without the other we are denying ourselves some extraordinary insights into the Created Order in which we live."

The Church of England has promoted projects across England aimed to show people the relationship between faith and science.

The ten projects are part of the Scientists in Congregations scheme, which is part of a wider partnership between Durham University and the Church.

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