Archbishop of York congratulates 'Honorary Yorkshireman' Gareth Southgate

Fri 16 Nov 2018
By Eno Adeogun

The Archbishop of York has shared his delight in England's football manager being made an 'honorary Yorkshireman'.

Southgate has lived in Harrogate in North Yorkshire since he moved in 2001 after signing to play for Middlesbrough.

The Yorkshire tourist board awarded Watford-born Gareth Southgate, 48, with the honour at the White Rose tourism awards.


The Most Rev John Sentamu tweeted: "Delighted to see that Gareth Southgate is now an Honorary Yorkshireman!

"I was honoured to be named Yorkshire Man of the Year in 2007 & am glad that Gareth has seen the light & the great place that Yorkshire is, God's own county!"


The organisers said the award was for "inspirational individuals who have made a big impact on Yorkshire, despite being born outside the county lines".

Southgate successfully led England to achieve their most successful performance in a World Cup for 28 years in the summer.

After receiving the award, Southgate said: "We love living here. I've thoroughly embraced Yorkshire life.

"Very proud and very honoured. I've lived here longer than I've lived any other part of the country, so the values and the mentality of the people and the friendliness of the people has been incredible."

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