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Church wedding goes ahead after dozens of helpers defy the weather

Fri 02 Mar 2018
By Press Association

It was a white wedding with a difference when up to 40 people helped the couple defy the weather and made sure the bride got to the church more or less on time.

Drivers in 4x4s and a tractor with a plough cleared the steep road outside St Cuthbert's Church, Benfieldside, near Shotley Bridge, County Durham, for the wedding of Rebecca McKenzie and Daniel Hodgson on Wednesday.

People held shovels above their heads as a guard of honour as they left the church.


The outpouring of community spirit followed a Facebook appeal by the Rev Martin Jackson for volunteers to help clear snow to the church.

The congregation also braved the temperatures during the service as the church's heating system broke down.

Sarah Thew/PA Wire
Handout photo issued by Sarah Thew of Rebecca McKenzie and Daniel Hodgson, who were married on Wednesday and were helped by drivers in 4x4s and a tractor with a plough to clear steep roadw outside St Cuthbert's Church, Benfieldside, in County Durham to make sure that the bride got to the church more or less on time


Rev Jackson said: "There was so much feeling for a young couple and that this was 'the' day of their lives.

"This has shown what people are like here."

Photographer Sarah Thew said: "It was a lovely day, but obviously we were up against the elements."

She has set up a Justgiving page hoping to raise £200 to cover the cost of heating the church and guests as its heating system broke down before the wedding.

Rev Jackson said it was 3C inside the church before expensive, temporary heaters were brought in, warming it to a still chilly 6C.

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