Climate change lobby planned

Thousands of people are planning to descend on Westminster, London on Wednesday 17th June for a day of action on climate change. The hope is this will be the UK’s biggest ever climate change lobby.

David Golding from North East Call To Action - on global poverty and climate change - told Premier:

“Climate change is the greatest moral and humanitarian challenge facing humanity and it threatens all the things we love most. However, on 17th June, we have a great opportunity to help protect them, by meeting our newly elected MPs in Westminster to ask them to commit to strong action on climate change.”

He continued “Christian believers in general, and those in the North East in particular, have an enviable reputation for their support for action on global poverty. And our efforts have been blessed by God with, for example, massive debt cancellation and a reduction in child mortality of over 50% - amazing! Now is not the time to let ourselves down – still less to betray the world’s poor and our own children and grandchildren - by a failure to rise to this great challenge.”

Global poverty and climate change campaigner David Golding came into Premier’s Newcastle office to talk with Ian Britton.

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