Controversial York Minster bells ring out on Easter Sunday

Mon 17 Apr 2017
By Aaron James

Bells at the centre of a row at York Minister have rung out on Easter Sunday, after long periods of silence since last year.

It's after the Chapter at York Minster, backed by Archbishop of York Dr John Sentamu, dismissed all 30 of its bell ringing volunteers in October over concerns adequate safeguarding measures were being implemented.

It's meant York Minster bells have been virtually silent since the dismissals occurred, except for three occasions.

Various volunteers offered to ring the bells to mark Easter Sunday and Jesus' resurrection.

York Minster has now employed a paid head of the bell ringing team, in charge of forming a new group of bell ringers.

Although the previous team were sacked and the locks changed so they could no longer get in, they are all welcome to apply for the new positions.

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