Dr John Sentamu keeps pledge to wear collar again after Mugabe's exit

Sun 26 Nov 2017
By Alex Williams

The Archbishop of York has worn a clerical collar for the first time since he cut one up in protest at former Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe.

Dr John Sentamu said he had "no choice" but to fulfil the promise he made ten years ago not to wear the religious accessory until Zimbabwe was "free".

He told the BBC's Andrew Marr: "I promised that when Mugabe goes I would put my collar on, so I have no choice but to put it back on."

The Anglican figure dramatically removed his clerical collar and chopped it up with scissors during an interview with Mr Marr in 2007.


On Sunday's The Andrew Marr Show, Dr John was presented with the remnants of the collar, which Mr Marr had kept inside an envelope.

He told the broadcaster: "You know, Andrew I could attempt to put this one back or I could try and put them all together using superglue."

Mr Marr replied: "It would be a pretty ropey collar, Archbishop."

Dr John responded: "And I actually think the lesson for Zimbabwe is the same; they can't just try to stitch it up.

"Something more radical, something new needs to happen in turns of the rule of law, allowing people to get jobs."

"Mugabe has gone but the new president has got to remember something more new than simply stitching up a thing will work."

Dr John said there should be a new body in Zimbabwe - styled on South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission - which would help unite the country after historic massacres by the Zimbabwe National Army.

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