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Forward Together in Hope

3 years ago the Diocese of Hexham & Newcastle, the catholic community in the North East, started an initiative called Forward Together in Hope.

Over the past three years they have looked in detail at how best their 170 worshiping communities can flourish in the future and how they can help equip those who worship every week-end to become disciples of Jesus.

Earlier in the year the Diocese announced the formation of 18 new partnerships that would offer a new framework for the diocese going forward.

In a letter a Pastoral Letter Bishop Seamus Cunningham, the Bishop of Hexham and Newcastle wrote “I am very optimistic that these partnership arrangements will allow us to share resources, both human and material and to become stronger and better equipped for furthering the Kingdom of God.”

Premier’s Northern Correspondent Ian Britton met up with Fr Jim O'Keefe and they talked about Forward Together in Hope and what the future might look like.

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