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John Sentamu looking forward to weekend 'doing nothing but talking about Jesus'

Fri 09 Mar 2018
By Alex Williams

People who do not attend church are being invited to hundreds of events across Cumbria this weekend, as part of a new movement being led by the Archbishop of York.

Ranging from a silent disco to meeting 'Ace' from the television show Gladiator and a floral festival, Dr John Sentamu has got support from local Anglicans, Methodists, United Reformists and members of the Salvation Army.

Describing the four-day Moving Mountains movement, Dr John Sentamu told Premier: "We're absolutely very evangelistic in what we're doing.


"That's all I look forward to; just to be given Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday doing nothing but talking about the saviour who died, rose again and wants people to be restored with one another and with God, out of whom we find life in all its fullness."

Among the 500 events scheduled are a photographic exhibition, quiz night, country market, a dialect evening and a strongman act.

Ian Brittan


Dr John added: "This is all kinds of different projects; I've got a few lectures to give but at the end of those lectures I'm actually telling them that without knowing Christ, life is pretty not what it's supposed to be."

Described as the first event of its kind in the country, Moving Mountains is being promoted with the slogan "God loves you more than you will ever know".

Ian Brittan


It's intended to encourage congregations to reach out to their communities.

While a launch was held at Penrith Auction Mart on Thursday (pictured), organisers say there will be no grand finale, to emphasise how the mission and outreach activities should continue.

Click here to listen to Premier's Ian Brittan speaking with Dr John Sentamu:

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