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Sir Ken Dodd answers his church's prayers with donation

Thu 14 Feb 2019
By Eno Adeogun

The family church of Sir Ken Dodd has said its prayers have been answered thanks to a donation from the late comedian.

His wife, Lady Anne revealed part of his estate will fund a complete revamp of St John the Evangelist's church hall in Knotty Ash.

She has continued to attend services there since Sir Ken died last March.


Rev Julia Jesson, the vicar there, told Premier her reaction to the news.

"Well, it's very difficult to put it into words", she said during Premier's News Hour.

"When we were faced with the challenge of knowing what condition the church hall was in, we spent the summer very much prayerful about how we were going to achieve renovation."

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Under a will made several years before his death, Lady Anne was instructed to ensure good causes across Liverpool would benefit from the £27.5m estate.

The vicar of the church receiving the undisclosed sum told Premier how the church will use the money: "We have a desire to maybe prepare meals for children during school holidays - those that are on free meals.

"We want to be able to serve the older members of the community with activities, with lunches."

Listen to Premier's Cara Bentley speaking with Rev Julia Jesson:

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