The Cross of Crosses

One of the sadder features of life in parts of Belfast are the so called “peace walls”. Built to keep two communities apart- for their own good. Or so it’s hoped.  Some of these walls have metal gates which are open during the day but closed in the early evening. Yet, straddling one of these walls in the west of the city, is a large warehouse type building which houses the New Life City Church. And outside this church is a remarkable structure, a large cross which incorporated many smaller ones. The pastor of this church is jack Mckee and Colm Flanagan spoke to him about the work he does on the “peace line” in Belfast. 

Jack McKee has written a book about the cross of crosses – its’ called “”What does it take” and it’s published by Maurice Wylie Media, available for the usual outlets. Click play below to listen to with interview with Pastor Jack McKee of the New Life City church in west Belfast and Colm Flanagan, Premier’s Northern Ireland producer.

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