Mary Slessor foundation

Christian missionary commemorated with plaque

Tue 13 Jan 2015
By Marcus Jones

A Scottish Christian missionary has had a plaque installed in her honour, 100 years after her death.

Mary Slessor followed in the footsteps of fellow Scot David Livingstone to take Christianity to Africa in the last quarter of the 19th century.

She is credited with saving the lives of hundreds of people during her time in west Africa, by stopping sacrifices, brutal punishments and changing attitudes to the births of twins.

She died in 1915 aged 67 after spending 38 years working in Calabar, Nigeria.

Now the Mary Slessor Foundation has installed a bronze plaque at The Steeple Church in Dundee and held a centenary service at the memorial for her in Union Terrace Gardens in Aberdeen.

Revd Robert Calvert, of The Steeple Church in Dundee, told STV News: "Today with migration affecting Europe in a new way it's important to remember that in Mary Slessor's day it was a much bigger deal to travel.

"It's been 100 years since her death and we have many Nigerian Christians in Scotland. We see her work as contributing to the extent of faith in Nigeria and also as a model of care to children and identifying needs within a society.

"This ordinary woman who grew up in a Dundee church has a story that's bigger than most of our lives. What we're trying to do is remember the conditions in which she went to serve in Calabar and remember she was an extraordinary woman with extraordinary faith."

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