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Churches cautioned against harmful investments

Fri 13 Oct 2017
By Alex Williams

Churches have been warned during a conference in Edinburgh against fueling human misery through irresponsible investments.

Delegates attending the gathering at St Andrews & St George's West church were urged to avoid channelling funds into firms which may be worsening climate change.

James Corah from CCLA investment management - which sponsored the event - told Premier: "That biggest pitfall is this idea that our financial lives are separate from our spiritual lives.

"We don't necessarily think about what we're doing with our money apart from giving to the collection on a Sunday. We do need to just make that connection and recognise that we can make a positive difference."

John Giles/PA Wire


The event on Thursday coincided with Good Money Week and was organised by the Church of Scotland. Representatives from Christian Aid and Oxfam addressed the guests.

They encouraged churches - and individual Christians - away from investing in companies employing environmental unfriendly practises which may be fuelling famines, droughts and other extreme phenomena's around the world.

The work of the Church of Scotland and its partners during Good Money Week was recognised by the Scottish Parliament earlier this week.

Members backed a motion which "applauds these charities for highlighting the links between personal choice and the effect on the global environment."

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