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Edinburgh Citywide Foodbank

Edinburgh City Mission was established in 1832 by David Nasmith, 6 years after he founded the first City Mission in Glasgow. 

The Mission looks very different today than it did in 1832, gone are the missionaries to the hansom cab drivers but the ethos of David Nasmith is with them today in the running of a Edinburgh citywide foodbank.

Laurie Hudson, CEO of the Edinburgh City Mission, told Premier:

"If we can help one person on any given day then our task has been worthwhile.

"People come to us with all sorts of different problems and the food aspect of it is just one of the symptoms. So we love to just take time to listen to people. To hear what their story is."

Ian Britton spoke to Lawrie Hudson about his role at the mission and running a network of foodbanks across the City of Edinburgh.

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