National Prayer Breakfast for Scotland

This week saw the annual National Prayer Breakfast for Scotland take place in Edinburgh.

The Breakfast is a public act of Christian witness to those in authority and influence in the nation, as well as Scotland generally, plus it is a public affirmation of the power of prayer.

The organisers describe it as an opportunity to put prayer at the heart and the centre of what is happening in Scotland.

The first keynote speaker was the Rev Lesley Bilinda vicar at St Andrew’s, Fulham Fields in London.

During the Rwandan genocide 25 years ago her husband, a Rwandan, was murdered. She has written two books about her experience of living in Rwanda and also losing her husband in the genocide.

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The second keynote speaker was Pastor Chantel Norman from  SOUL Church, Norwich.

Chantel’s testimony of God’s saving grace and story of forgiveness and reconciliation has been used around the globe to bring hope to others who have been through emotional, physical and sexual abuse.

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