Nicola Sturgeon calls for second Scotland referendum: Christians give their verdict

Mon 13 Mar 2017
By Premier Journalist

Christians from both sides of the Scotland Independence debate have spoken out after Nicola Sturgeon announced plans for a second referendum. 

The Scottish First Minister confirmed her plans for a fresh vote on independence at a press conference today.

She said that Scots should have the right to choose between Brexit and leaving the UK.

In last year's EU referendum, 62 per cent of Scots voted against Brexit.



Ms Sturgeon said that next week she will "seek the authority of the Scottish Parliament to agree with the UK Government the details of a section 30 order - the procedure that will enable the Scottish Parliament to legislate for an independence referendum".

Carol Monaghan, Christian SNP MP, told Premier News Hour that Sturgeon had no choice but to make today's announcement.

"The Scottish Government [has] tried absolutely everything to work with the UK Government to try and get a deal on the EU that would suit Scotland but they've just been met with a brick wall.

"I think that really a second independence referendum is the only way forward for Scotland now."

But speaking to Premier News Hour, Christian political commentator James Mildred said the announcement was very premature.

"While the Brexit negotiations are unquestionably going to be incredibly complicated, it is by no means guaranteed that we are going to get a deal.

"We have to remember that this is a two-way negotiation and that there is a price to be paid by the EU if they give us a bad deal."

A Government spokesperson said that a referendum would be "divisive" and "cause huge economic uncertainty at the worst possible time".

"We have been working closely with all the devolved administrations - listening to their proposals, and recognising the many areas of common ground, including workers' rights, the status of EU citizens living in the UK and our security from crime and terrorism," the spokesperson said.

"Only a little over two years ago people in Scotland voted decisively to remain part of our United Kingdom in a referendum which the Scottish Government defined as a 'once in a generation' vote.

"The Scottish Government should focus on delivering good government and public services for the people in Scotland."

Listen to Premier's Marcus Jones speaking to Carol Monaghan here:

Listen to Premier's Megan Griffiths speaking to James Mildred here:

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