All Saints Church in Highertown, Truro

Council removes church's banner, labelling it a 'distraction to motorists'

Tue 22 Jan 2019
By Eno Adeogun

A church in Truro has accused the council of being "very spiteful and petty" after it removed and damaged one of the church's banners.

All Saints Church in Highertown put up a banner in a bid to encourage fundraising for its 'The 10 10 Lifehouse Project' which will create a new home for a number of community groups including those who help the homeless.

However, church members were shocked when the banner was pulled down by staff from management organisation Cormac, following orders from Cornwall Council.


Stuart Roden, a member of the church's project group and a Truro city councillor told "The 10-10 Lifehouse project at All Saints church Highertown is a brilliant project.

"Last Wednesday morning at 8.15am, Cormac turned up and tore up the posts and moved the banner on the basis the verge adjacent to the church is 'Cornwall Council land'.

"The banner was torn and damaged and the posts thrown into the church car park. There was no warning or attempt to discuss this with the church or even to ask them to move it onto church property."

Truro Lifehouse Project


While the Cornwall Council has admitted it was responsible for the removal of posts and banners, it has insisted the "removed signs were then handed back over to a church representative".

The Council also explained why it deemed the removal necessary: "Unfortunately, two banners had to be removed, on safety grounds, from a roadside verge where they were considered to be a distraction to motorists at a popular pedestrian crossing point.

"All reasonable care was taken to reduce any damage to the banners but one of the posts that was concreted into the ground had to be cut off at the base.

"In circumstances such as this, where we feel safety is an issue, we are obliged to take immediate action and it is not always practical to contact representatives in advance. We would be happy to discuss the matter further with the church should there be an ongoing concern."

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