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Salisbury Cathedral displays embroidery depicting the book of Revelation

Wed 06 Sep 2017
By Premier Journalist

Fourteen huge panels of embroidery, each three metres tall and displaying the book of Revelation, are on exhibition in Salisbury Cathedral.

Jacqui Parkinson, the stitcher, used blank bed sheets to create the visions of John from the last book of the Bible.


She described her work, as "very colourful, they're done in painted dyes and silks. It's very loose so the threads go everywhere".

Parkinson took up sewing when she was a teacher and told Premier she became so hooked that she then studied the craft and went on to make it her profession.

Included in the tapestry are depictions of Christ as the lamb on the throne and the temple.

Ash Mills


Parkinson described the last piece in the exhibition: "It finally ends on the very hopeful message that there will be a new heaven and a new earth…you have the bride there and into the dress of the bride are small people who are rising up because they are becoming the bride of Christ as we will become the bride of Christ".

She added: "It's the whole idea that the new heaven and new earth will be created and there'll be a fresh start and a new beginning and God will wipe away every tear from every eye".


'Revelation Threads' is on display 6th September until 5th November in Salisbury Cathedral.

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