Being the hands and feet of Christ, to a community in a desperate situation

Dr Beryl and her team, supporting the most deprived and marginalised communities in India,

Dr Beryl D'Souza is a paediatrician by training and works in a community care programme  spreading across 20 states in India focussing on marginalised communities, with health care initiatives, education opportunities whilst also delivering empowerment programmes for women and children....As India has experienced a million new infections over the past 2 weeks, bringing their total to more than 3.8 million, Dr Beryl has lost friends over the past couple of months and very much finds herself in the heart of the pandemic.Dr Beryl spoke to Premier's Rachel Matthews, from her home in India and explained how her faith is keeping her strong, through this painful and difficult season.

If you would like to find out more about the work Dr Beryl and her team are doing, you can visit their English website which is

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