Burglar steals Bishop of Leicester's biscuits

Wed 11 Jan 2017
By Antony Bushfield

The Bishop of Leicester has had his biscuits stolen by a burglar.

A thief broke into the office of Rt Rev Martyn Snow over the festive period and left "quite a mess".

In a blog the clergyman explained what happened: "Someone broke into my office over Christmas. I don't know who it was, and I don't really know what they were looking for but they created quite a mess."

Diocese of Leicester


He added: "Bizarrely the only thing they took were two boxes of biscuits which were sat on my secretary's desk, and even more bizarrely, they moved a large bag of loo rolls from the store cupboard and left them sat on the desk (presumably they were debating whether to take these along with the biscuits)."

The exact time of the break in is unknown but it's thought to have happened between December 29 and 30.

A spokesperson for the bishop told the Leicester Mercury: "The bishop discovered the break-in and the mess when he went into the office.

"The office was closed between Christmas and the New Year and the bishop went into the office to see if there was any mail that needed attending to.

"That is when he found out the office had been burgled."

Leicestershire police confirmed it was investigating the biscuit theft.

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