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Christian couple open up first home to asylum seekers

Sun 11 Dec 2016
By Alex Williams

A Christian couple in the West Midlands who have been saving for years in order to one day own their own home have decided to let asylum seekers stay in their new house instead.

Matthew and Steph Neville, who live in a church as part of a community of believers in Birmingham, have decided they would prefer for vulnerable people to use their first home.

An unspecified number of asylum seekers are expected to move into their terraced house by Christmas.

Mr Neville said: "We each have a choice, and our country has a choice, about whether we want to be somewhere that welcomes people, or whether we want to be somewhere that builds walls and tries to keep people out."

Among church-led efforts to help migrants and refugees is Restore, a project set up by Birmingham Churches Together to offer befriending, social activities and preparation for entering the workplace.

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