Diamond Believer for Teens !

Using their collective experiences, teenager Sophia Adabale and her father David have written a book called ‘Diamond Believer for Teens' which features practical and scripture-based answers to over 300 questions, providing inspiration for teenagers in overcoming issues of identity, managing pressure, dealing with crisis, understanding growth process, discovering the advantages of crisis, and so much more. 

This evening Thursday 29th of October, Sophia and her Dad will host a 90-minute window of encouragement, inspiration and empowerment for both teenagers and their parents alike.

Premier's Rachel Matthews spoke to them both ahead of the event and asked Sophia to describe her life as a teenager.

The interactive event, Diamond Believer for Teens which will be online at 8pm this evening (Thursday 29th). If you would like more information you can visit their website at www.diamondbeliever.com/teens

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