Lincoln Cathedral 'takes home' Cathedral World Cup

Mon 13 Nov 2017
By Tola Mbakwe

Lincoln Cathedral has won the so-called Cathedral World Cup.

The contest, which has nothing to do with football, was created by architecture enthusiast Ben Brock last month on Twitter.

The poll asked people to vote for their favourite UK cathedral.

It garnered a lot of attention with cathedrals boasting why they were the nation's favourite.



After almost 28,000 thousand votes Lincoln Cathedral came out on top on Friday.

York, Durham and Bristol were runners up.


The Very Rev Christine Wilson Dean of Lincoln Cathedral told Premier News Hour what set Lincoln apart from the rest.

She said: "What made us stand out was our community because the community really got behind the voting and they took it to their hearts and they campaigned for us with great passion.

"Somebody tweeted the following day 'All of Lincoln is smiling for the cathedral today' and that really sums it up.

"The people love the cathedral, they love what it stands for and they've shown us all of that.

"That's a wonderful thing for us and we extend our love and welcome to them in return."


Rev Wilson said the contest has brought a lot extra attention and they have used the opportunity to encouraged people to explore the cathedral.

She added that the contest has shown them just how useful social media can be to connect with the local community.

Rev Wilson told Premier: "It's all about the power of social media to get right to grass roots and get ordinary people to vote and express what they think, that's been a real learning curve for us.

"We've really built on that in seeing how our partnerships with the community can be strengthened as a result."

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