Jack Graham

Dr. Graham is pastor of the 24,000-member Prestonwood Baptist Church. He is committed to helping Christians experience the kingdom of God and its power in every area of their lives. He is also a noted author of numerous books, including Courageous Parenting, A Man of God, A Hope and a Future, Diamonds in the Dark, Lessons from the Heart, and Life according to Jesus.

Twelve years ago, Dr. Graham, his wife, Deb, and other members of Prestonwood, felt a call to spread the Gospel of Christ beyond the walls of the church. It was there that the vision of PowerPoint was birthed.

After putting their faith into action, PowerPoint radio and television broadcasts were officially launched. This ministry now reaches an international audience in over 70 countries around the world.

As a pastor and minister of the Gospel, Dr. Graham has a particular gift for exciting people about Christ and helping them mature as Christians. In the more than 12 years of PowerPoint’s existence, countless listeners continue to respond enthusiastically to his straightforward message and powerful preaching style.

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