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After preaching to millions in a career that spanned over sixty years, Billy Graham passed away on 21 Feb 2018 at the age of 99. We have compiled a variety of content in honour of one of the most important Christian leaders of the 20th century.

This gala celebration marks 50 years since the first visit of Billy Graham to the UK, and will feature friends and family from different walks of life. There will be guest soloists from the US and UK. More

The Rev Billy Graham, who transformed American religious life through his preaching and activism, has died at the age of 99. Here are photos of him throughout his life.  More

Political leaders, public figures and celebrities from around the world have been paying tribute to the US evangelist Rev Billy Graham on social media, following his death at the age of 99 - Premier has... More

US evangelist Rev Billy Graham has died at his home in North Carolina at the age of 99, a spokesman said. More

Billy Graham: Our generation’s greatest evangelist 1918-2018

Premier Christianity will publish a commemorative special issue about the life, ministry and impact of Billy Graham. It will include an exclusive interview with Franklin Graham, testimonies from many who came to faith through the Harringay, Wembley and other UK crusades, tributes from church leaders and many unique colour and black and white photographs of Billy Graham from his many visits to the UK.

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