Cassidy's Catholic Commentary

A weekly blog from Father James Cassidy, the parish priest of Our Lady of Lourdes & St. Augustine's, two Catholic parishes in Milton Keynes. 

I'm away at a conference this week. I try to attend two conferences a year, both professional ones, concerning theology and church law. I find... More

The events in Manchester have shocked and horrified us. Currently we are not used to such things. Yet a crucial point is that we do not demonise... More

I was talking to one of my younger parishioners this week, he is 10. I asked him how school was going, and had the reply, "Good." He added that... More

My colleague had a surprise call last week. Someone whose marriage he celebrated last year telephone and asked about the Christening of the new... More

The bank holiday a week ago seems to have confused my week. It was a sort of day off, but things still had to be done. Although a 'Bank Holiday'... More

My bishop came to lunch the other day. He had telephoned me the day before about something, and mentioned that he would be in the area the following... More

I'm quite a frequent visitor to our local hospital, I'm one of the Catholic chaplains, so I tend to know my way around its labyrinthine corridors... More

Over the past few days I’ve been visiting the elderly of the parish who cannot get to Sunday Mass. Each week (more or less) they are taken Holy... More

This week I’ve had the last couple of meetings before Easter. Nothing very dramatic, but it is always good to meet in a formal way to review... More

I’ve benefitted from a university education. For some of my time all the examinations were oral. You went in, the lecturer asked questions, you... More