Cassidy's Catholic Commentary

A weekly blog from Father James Cassidy, the parish priest of Our Lady of Lourdes & St. Augustine's, two Catholic parishes in Milton Keynes. 

And so Lent begins. It always amazes me that we seem to attach so much importance to Lent, but so little to the period after Easter. People seem... More

We can never comprehend what pushes people to the ultimate act of despair, when the only answer to their problems is to deliberately push the... More

February 14th was St. Valentine’s Day, and the whole world (at least as regards to England) was engaged in a ‘love feast’. The reasons for this... More

As I wrote last week, I had spent most of it away from the parish thinking about Holy Week and writing the necessary sermons. More

I’ve been out of the parish for most of this week. – Not on holiday, I hasten to add, but having a quiet time, post-Christmas. It’s something... More

After last week’s funerals I have moved on to marriages. This week I have spoken to three couples who are preparing for marriage. They are all... More

I celebrated two school Masses this week at our local Catholic Secondary school. The whole school cannot fit in to the sports hall, so there... More

I enjoy Christmas carols, and sing them up to the traditional twelfth night, the Feast of the Epiphany on 6th Jan. But I am amazed at how we... More

I always enjoy the week between Christmas and New Year. It is a quiet and peaceful time, with few demands. (Except for the odd bit of bargain... More

This week I’ve spent mainly on the road, visiting my sick parishioners, wishing them a ‘Happy Christmas’ and leaving them a card. I also do this... More