Cassidy's Catholic Commentary

A weekly blog from Father James Cassidy, the parish priest of Our Lady of Lourdes & St. Augustine's, two Catholic parishes in Milton Keynes. 

Christmas is in full swing, and I’ve been to at least two school nativity productions: nursery and infants. All very nice, and the parents were... More

I’ve been involved with the governing of schools for most of my ministry. I’m currently a governor of two local Catholic schools and the end... More

Funerals, in my experience, are a bit like buses. They all tend to come at once. After a few weeks without one I’ve got three in hand for the... More

It’s clear that the commercial world has taken over the calendar. In ancient times the dates of the religious seasons used to be read out on... More

I’ve just come back from a few days away. I started having a small break in the autumn a few years ago, when I was becoming all tense and wound... More

I spent last Saturday night adjusting the clocks, putting them all back by one hour, except the heating controls, which need setting forward... More

Two items were in the press on the same day last week: a recent letter from the Vatican to bishops about Christian burial and disposal of the... More

It’s the start of half-term, but for me it is the end of a cycle of school governing board meetings. I sit on the Governing Body of the two Catholic... More

I have just come back from a conference. I have mixed feelings about such events. Yes, it’s good to go away and talk with like-minded people... More

I was in our parish primary school during this week and was chatting to an eight year old who had joined the school a couple of days ago. He... More