Cassidy's Catholic Commentary

A weekly blog from Father James Cassidy, the parish priest of Our Lady of Lourdes & St. Augustine's, two Catholic parishes in Milton Keynes. 

It might have passed you by but there has been a significant milestone reached in a recent declaration by the Roman Catholic and Orthodox churches.... More

This week I have had an audit of the financial affairs of the parish. A retired bank manager spent the best part of a day going through last... More

I’ve a Catholic Secondary School in one of my parishes, and I was invited in to preside at two Masses for the start of the school year, for Years... More

I noticed at the end of July that the shops already had ‘back to school’ offers; and now, schools having gone back, the world of commerce has... More

As I wrote last week, I had just come back from a time in Lourdes; and this week I have spent wondering if it all was worth-while. Not in itself,... More

I’ve just spent a week in Lourdes – the shrine of Our Lady in South West France – with a group from my diocese. I know that (reputed) apparitions... More

I’m always amazed at how easy it is to make our country disappear. – Just go abroad for a few days, and generally our country disappears from... More

The Olympic games begin this week. It doesn’t seem like four years since we had the London extravaganza. I really thought that there was a lot... More

The murder of a priest in France is beyond words, so I will content myself with inviting prayers for him, for his killers, for the followers... More

I hope we haven’t had our summer. I really enjoyed the hot spell last week, and got fed up with those who complained of the heat. I was sat in... More