Commentary with E. David Cook

Dr. E. David Cook, a Fellow of Green College, Oxford and the first Holmes Professor of Faith and Learning at Wheaton College, gives his take on the day's most gripping news.

At the end of World Youth Day, Pope Francis addressed hundreds of thousands of young people from all over the world. He encouraged a new generation... More

Two ISIS ‘soldiers’ slit his throat an 84 year old priest , after forcing him to kneel. It was at a morning Mass in a Catholic Church near Rouen.... More

The teenage gunman, who killed nine people and injured thirty five others in Munich, had been planning his attack for a year. He bought an illegal... More

It was a Convention like no other. It began with Ben Carson-a failed Presidential candidate- suggesting Hillary Clinton’s link to Lucifer. That... More

Headlines change every day. Yesterday’s news disappears, replaced by whatever is happening today. Our ever-shortening attention span and twenty... More

Melania Trump gave a keynote speech on behalf of her Republican nominee husband, Donald. Journalists were quickly seized on similarities between... More

It’s a mad, mad, mad world! While crowds gathered to watch a firework display, France was hit by a third devastating terrorist attack in eighteen... More

Cleveland is the site of the Republican Party Convention. Donald Trump will be crowned official Republican candidate for the Presidential election.... More

Three weeks is a long time in politics. TV showed pictures of David Cameron en route to Buckingham Palace. He left by a side door and Theresa... More

The world can hardly believe that Boris Johnson, one of the leaders of Brexit, is now Foreign Secretary in Mrs. May’s new Cabinet. His style... More