Commentary with E. David Cook

Dr. E. David Cook, a Fellow of Green College, Oxford and the first Holmes Professor of Faith and Learning at Wheaton College, gives his take on the day's most gripping news.

China is adapting its ‘one-child’ policy. Now citizens in China are allowed to have two children. After 36 years of forced abortions, compulsory... More

No one expects to go to school and to be stabbed to death. All of us know that students get into fights and squabbles, but none of us think that... More

Five Britons have drowned and one Australian is still missing. They had been part of a whale-watching boat tour and it seems a sudden wave caused... More

Monday 26th October was a historic date. The Bishop of Gloucester, the Right Reverend Rachel Treweek, was installed as one of the twenty six... More

More violence in the Middle East. The Israelis and the Palestinians have been knifing, shooting and killing each other with land at the root... More

Inquiries are in the air. The relatives of those who died in the Clutha helicopter crash in Glasgow met with the Air Accidents’ Investigation... More

Will he or won’t he? Vice President Joe Biden finally announced that he will not run for Presidency. Biden lost his son, Beau, to brain cancer... More

This week millions tuned in, not to watch sports, but the trailer for the seventh film in the Star Wars series as The Force Awakens trailer hit... More

The President of China has arrived on a State visit to Britain. Today there will be an official welcome parade at Horse Guards and he will address... More

Two hospital beds, thousands of miles apart and two different patients. In a Las Vegas hospital, Lamar Odom is trying to recover from drugs and... More