Commentary with E. David Cook

Dr. E. David Cook, a Fellow of Green College, Oxford and the first Holmes Professor of Faith and Learning at Wheaton College, gives his take on the day's most gripping news.

Each year my high school organized a trip to visit a performance at the Edinburgh Festival. A former student, then part of the University, suggested... More

The South Yorkshire Police Chief Constable has been suspended following the Hillsborough inquests. He previously admitted grave errors were made... More

Tony Bland lay in a bed in Airedale hospital. I sat by his bed and interviewed his father and doctor. He was in a persistent vegetative state.... More

The London Marathon is a million miles away from the ‘loneliness of a long distance runner’. Crowds lined the route as serious athletes, funnily... More

Speaker Paul Ryan told a press conference that he has officially ruled out making an attempt to become the Republican Party presidential nom... More

The streets of Stratford-on-Avon were thronged with crowds celebrating the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death. People sported masks... More

Fireworks are part of celebrations. A Hindu temple in Kollam stored fireworks for a late night display to celebrate a local festival. An explosion... More

Water is meant to bring life, but in Flint, Michigan it carries disease. Three officials have been charged with misconduct and evidence tampering... More

The Court of Appeal judges have lifted an injunction banning the media in England and Wales from reporting the identity of a married celebrity,... More

‘Happy Birthday, Queen Elizabeth’. At least we can sing it with no concern for copyright. Her Majesty is 90 years old today. Last year, the Queen... More