Commentary with E. David Cook

Dr. E. David Cook, a Fellow of Green College, Oxford and the first Holmes Professor of Faith and Learning at Wheaton College, gives his take on the day's most gripping news.

45% of Republican voters in Nevada chose Donald Trump. He was twenty percentage points and sixteen thousand votes above his nearest rival, Marco... More

‘New Cancer drug offers hope of a lasting cure’, ‘The Great Cancer Hope’, ‘Cancer revolution uses body’s defenses’, are three headlines in yesterday’s... More

Understanding the fight to replace deceased Supreme Justice Scalia, means understanding the balance of powers in America. There are three arms... More

How many cards did you receive last weekend? A Sunday Valentine’s Day gives two opportunities to be disappointed. No mail feels like rejection.... More

In the eleventh century the Eastern and Western branches of Christianity divided. They separated over papal authority and differ in way of life,... More

Adam Johnson is an international footballer. He scored a key goal this weekend for Sunderland in drawing with Liverpool. He pleaded guilty to... More

Mardi Gras’ parades from Rio to Sydney observe Fat or Shrove Tuesday before Lent. Music and rhythm celebrate bodies, colour and movement- the... More

David Cameron describes British prisons as needing ‘wholesale reform’ after years of ‘scandalous failure’. There are 85,634 people in prison-... More

Super Bowl Fifty will be the most watched TV programme this year. Over 160 million people worldwide will watch the Denver Broncos and the Carolina... More

Sweden wants him extradited to answer charges of a sexual assault, which he denies. A United Nations panel has concluded that Julian Assange,... More