Commentary with E. David Cook

Dr. E. David Cook, a Fellow of Green College, Oxford and the first Holmes Professor of Faith and Learning at Wheaton College, gives his take on the day's most gripping news.

A young woman in Rio went to visit her boyfriend and believes she was doped. She woke in a different house surrounded by men. Over thirty men... More

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande marked the 100th anniversary of the battle of Verdun. It was the longest... More

A Sherpa, a Dutch man, an Australian woman and an Indian man have died this week trying to climb Mount Everest. Two others are still missing.... More

You park your car beside a glorious view and imagine all is well. Unfortunately, a section of the embankment of the River Arno in central Florence... More

President Obama’s visit to Hanoi represents an historic reversal of unbelievable proportions. The US and Vietnam share a common cause against... More

Austria has a new a President. After a bitterly divided campaign, the former Green Party leader, Van der Bellen won by a narrow majority over... More

In the Communist era, toilets in Poland were guarded by a lady, who dispensed entry, paper and collected compulsory payment. My friends had taken... More

Searchers have found wreckage from EgyptAir Flight 804.The plane was en route from Paris to Cairo and twenty minutes from landing. 66 passengers... More

In the formal setting of the State Opening of Parliament, the Queen set out the priorities of her ministers. ‘My government will use the opportunity... More

Presbyterians recognize two sacraments - baptism and communion. Next week, the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland will consider the relationship... More